We increasingly expect on-demand experiences in our personal lives such as Netflix, Uber and Deliveroo; why should work and payroll be any different?

Ascender is delighted to announce our partnership with Earnd, Asia Pacific’s #1 flexible pay provider. With financial wellness playing an integral role in employee productivity and engagement, Earnd gives your employees control over their money by letting them withdraw up to 50% of their income outside of their traditional pay cycle. With just a few taps on their mobile app, Earnd provides employees with a safety net of their own earned-pay to cover for any unexpected expenses.

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#1 employee concern at work is financial stress

46% of Australians live from pay to pay

43.2 hours of lost time annually due to stress-induced illness

Ascender believes that giving employees the ability to “access their pay, their way” will be an important differentiator for employers of choice going forward. With Earnd, using payroll as a starting point, we want to help you put your people first and improve your team’s financial wellness, so you can unlock the full potential of your workforce.

How does it work?

1. Earnd plugs into your current payroll system

Integrates seamlessly with Ascender payroll platforms with no impact to your employees

2. Employee downloads the Earnd app

A co-branded app, providing employees with access to their pay on their own terms

3. Employee requests withdrawal through Earnd app

Earnd funds the transfer and there is no effort, admin or changes to your process

4. Withdrawals are deducted automatically from their paycheck

Business as usual for you and your payroll team on payday

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